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ICT Foresight and Roadmap project

The Nordic ICT foresight aims to contribute to the strategic intelligence of the Nordic knowledge region so that the full potential of IC technology can be exploited to increase the welfare in the Nordic countries and also in other parts of the world.

The primary target group for the results of this project are the Nordic companies and research communities that develop the IC technologies, applications and systems, as well as public and private actors making use of them and/or providing framework conditions for their development and implementation.The project includes four focus areas:

  • Experience economy (media and communication)
  • Health care
  • Production economy (industrial automation, production systems), and
  • Security (emphasis on information security)

ICT Foresight and Roadmap project: toni.ahlqvist@vtt.fi

NEW - International Action Workshop in Oslo, 9th of November 2006

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