Project description

Increased productivity is one of the main drivers for deploying new technology in general. This is also applicable to investments in information and communication technology (ICT). In the Nordic countries companies are off-shoring ICT jobs to destinations inside and outside Europe to still be able to compete in the market. The technology push suggests that utilising Internet Protocol (IP) applications will bring great benefits in terms of productivity, quality improvements, new features and cost savings. However, it is not only serious business drivers that will drive the development of new ICT technologies.

The major enablers are interoperability over IP and digitalisation of all content. The converging digital industry is bringing together parts of the consumer electronics, communication, information technology, media and entertainment industries. Convergence in the ICT area is considered an important source of new possibilities in terms of new applications and businesses and new ways of building and managing business processes more effectively. Restructuring of companies into smaller, more independently operating units is increasing the need for collaboration across sites and, sometimes, increasingly, across companies. This is a driver for promoting the interoperability of technologies.

The project brings together Nordic companies, research organisations and policy makers to define Nordic niche areas, increase the weight of Nordic countries in defining international standards and framework policies, and promote the Nordic way of implementing ICT so that it increases well-being in the society. The project includes four focus areas:

  • Health care
  • Experience economy (media and communication)
  • Production economy (industrial automation, production systems), and
  • Security
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