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Even though foresight results must be adapted to specific innovation systems - national, regional or sectoral - there are several potential benefits for Nordic cooperation in this field. All Nordic countries have some experience in using foresight, but they have used rather different approaches in doing so. This creates opportunities for mutual exchange, learning and identifying "good practices". Although the Nordic countries differ in economic structure, there are significant areas of overlap where we have common interests, and to a large extent we share a common set of social values. This creates the potential for economies of scale and scope in carrying out foresight projects. Nordic countries also have complementary elements in their national innovation systems and the identification of complementary elements is a challenge to Nordic innovation policies.

NICe has earlier on financed a study on technology foresight in the Nordic countries. Taking the offspring in the recommendations of this previous project NICe is now making a result-oriented and coordinated Nordic investment in technology foresight. This spring NICe starts up three projects in a NICe Foresight Cluster in order to efficiently strengthen the strategical knowledge of the region. The goal is to:

  • Establish a Nordic forum for technological foresight practitioners and researchers
  • Create a common follow-up system for relevant international technological foresight exercises
  • Realisation of concrete technological foresight exercises

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