Work plan

The Nordic technology roadmapping and foresight for the IC technologies has the following objectives:

  • To identify, select and present a number of scenarios illustrating the prospects for possible future applications for IC technologies with respect to technology, application and market issues for a broad spectrum of socio-technical conditions in a timeframe of 2005 to 2015.
  • To explore the roads to commercialisation in the Nordic countries and in a wider international context. Solutions where ICT can provide the biggest competitive advantage and positive contribution to societal wellbeing are searched for. This includes the identification of unique market opportunities with longer-term growth potential.
  • To contribute as decision support for companies and research institutes in order to prioritise research, development and commercialisation of ICT, including the required infrastructure technologies.
  • To explore appropriate ways of implementing the innovative ICT applications and systems in the Nordic context, so that the experiences can be utilised even in wider international contexts.
  • To maintain and develop the scientific and industrial networks within IC technologies as a necessary step towards gaining critical mass where company- and national-level resources are not sufficient to achieve global top results.
  • To estimate the Nordic implications of the innovative ICT applications and systems in the selected application areas. In this way also governmental decision-makers can be assisted in developing appropriate framework policies that facilitate the developments in desired directions.

The primary target group for the results of this project are the Nordic companies and research communities that develop the IC technologies, applications and systems, as well as public and private actors making use of them and/or providing framework conditions for their development and implementation.

Work plan
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