About Nordic ICT Foresight

Nordic ICT companies play currently an outstanding role in the global ICT industry. The importance of this industry is likely to increase even further. There are strong statements that utilising IP applications will bring great benefits in terms of productivity, quality improvements, new features and cost savings.

It is not only serious business drivers that will drive the development of new IC technologies. In general, services and applications are the key. The underlying technology is not relevant for the end users. They are mainly interested in services and applications. However, technology is an important factor in changing the way the applications and services will be built.

The Nordic ICT foresight can contribute to the strategic intelligence of the Nordic knowledge region so that the full potential of IC technology can be exploited to increase the welfare in the Nordic countries and also in other parts of the world. By paving the way for innovative new solutions it also contributes to the competitiveness of Nordic companies in the international market.