International Roadmapping Workshop 30th - 31st of May, 2006

The aim of this workshop is to create knowledge of the development paths and futures of ICT applications in the Nordic area. The workshop venue will be The Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre and Congress Hotel Hanasaari.

For registration and information, contact Toni Ahlqvist.

The preliminary program is now downloadable HERE.

Roadmap workshop

The aim of this WS is to create linkages between on the one hand small and large socio-technical visions and on the other hand needed developments on science and education level, technology level, business/industry level, market level and government level. The WS will discuss needed developments within the following five levels:

  • Science and education (needs for scientific research, needs for competences)
  • Technology level (networks, terminals, content delivery, quality of service, security among others)
  • Business/industry level (business opportunities, business development in the match between technologies and markets, finance, industrial standards)
  • Market level (market mechanisms and end use markets)
  • Government level (industry policy, public R&D, early market stimulation, standardisation)

Market shares and timeframes of each vision and milestones on the path to the visions will also be discussed.

Roadmap ws
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